As part of our service we provide recommendations using this model. We realise that each farm has unique systems and do our best to consider all of our clients need to come up with the best option for each individual system.

This page has been included for our existing clients who would like to take some time to better understand how we can manipulate fertiliser rates to ultimately accomplish different outcomes.

You are welcome to enter data into the shaded fields. When you’ve finished, you can click on the download icon (in the footer below the spreadsheet) if you would like to print/fax or email the document to us.

By custom blending fertiliser to suit our clients soils individual needs we have the Ultimate Goal to:

Provide our Growers with the highest nutritional value fertiliser that will provide nutrients for the entire growing season blended together for a one pass application.

WE do this by juggling a number of factors

  • Referring to the SOIL TEST (Manage what you measure) remember, often nutrient excesses can cause more problems. For example excess Phosphorous ties us Zinc and Copper
  • PRIORITISE – identify the soils most yield limiting factors.
  • Begin to address your soils most limiting factors while supplying enough NPKS to drive growth
  • Your Crops specific requirements. For example Kale and Boron, Lucerne
  • Animal Health aspects Zn, Cu
  • Nutrient availability. Is it quick or slow releasing. For example Calcium and Dolomite take 2-3 years to complete releasing Calcium and Magnesium. Mg Sulphate with these products ot supply some soluble Mg for this years’ crop.
  • Starter fertiliser combined with slow release or stable fertiliser to feed the crop over the entire growing season.
  • Maintain soil levels and begin to build soil fertility by using a mixture of fast and slow release fertiliser. Feed the soil for improved structure, microbial persistence and the soil will feed the plant.
  • Application restraints: Spreading width and pdk production stage. Dolomite and Mg2000 while excellent products in term of Mg % can only be spread over 12m width.