Trace elements

Boron 12 (35% B)

Sustained release form of Boron. Boron is required for pollen viability, sugar and nutrient translocation.


(10% B)

Slow release form of Boron

Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate (31% Mn)

Needed for production of chlorophyll in plants, improves crop maturation and seed production.

Zinc Sulphate

Monohydrate (34-35% Zn)

Is a part of many plant enzymes and also play a role in water uptake by the plant.

Copper Sulphate (25% Cu)

Is a catalyst in photosynthesis and reproduction. Good levels of Cu in the soil also help with disease resistance due to its role with cell wall strength and elasticity. Animal health roles include bone development and the nervous system.

Sodium Molybdate

(40% Mo)

Important in Nitrogen fixing crops and its role in the enzyme nitrate reductase.

Cobalt Sulphate
(21% Cobalt)

Important for animal health: Most importantly for its role with the production of B12 to produce energy.

Elemental Selenium

(2% Se)

Important for animal health: with key roles in cell membrane and immune systems.