Soil Testing & Comprehensive Soil Auditing

Using Kinsey Ag Services and the Perry Agricultural Laboratories Inc. PAL (Missouri, US), our soil test includes the following.

  • Total Exchange Capacity (TEC)
  • pH
  • Organic matter and predicted nitrogen availability

  • Complete base saturations (%) (Ca, Mg, K, Na)

  • Phosphate ( P2O5) – Bray PI and Sulphate Sulphur

  • Trace elements

Leaf sap analysis

Tracking your crops nutrient stages as you approach key growth stages helps to address yield limiting factors before yields are affected. Due to the quick turn around required for such tests we use Hills Laboratories for herbage sampling.

Manure/Compost Analysis

Compost or manure are both valuable and economical ways of building soil nutrients, however, often the system can be over done by large applications of nutrient dense product. This in turn can cause more complicated nutrient relationships where one nutrient is antagonistic to the uptake of other nutrients. Therefore, it is vital that you know the nutrient content of the product you apply.

Custom blended fertiliser

  • Referring to the SOIL TEST (Manage what you measure) remember, often nutrient excesses can cause more problems. For example excess Phosphorous ties us Zinc and Copper

  • PRIORITISE – identify the soils most yield limiting factors

  • Your Crops specific requirements

  • Animal Health aspects Zn, Cu, Se

  • Nutrient availability – is it quick or slow releasing? For example Calcium and Dolomite take 2-3 years to complete releasing Calcium and Magnesium. We may add some Magnesium Sulphate with these products to provide some soluble Mg for this years’ crop

  • Starter fertiliser combined with slow release or stable fertiliser to feed the crop over the entire growing season

  • Maintain soil levels and begin to build soil fertility by using a mixture of fast and slow release fertiliser. Feed the soil for improved structure, microbial persistence and the soil will feed the plant

  • Application restraints: Spreading width and paddock production stage. Dolomite and Mg2000, while excellent products in term of Mg %, can only be spread at 12m

Biological products

We have a range of biological inputs available in-store and work with some fantastic local manufacturers