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August 2021

Nitrogen’s double edge sword

Soil biology eats at the high table first, if they cannot get their energy fix, they will take it from the soil carbon and away from the plants. How is it possible to achieve high production without the use of excessive nitrogen?

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March 2021

Biological/Regenerative Agriculture, why the void of knowledge?

Why give in to mediocrity? When we can do so much more. Don lays down the law on a transition to Biological Farming and asks for a paradigm shift in knowledge from bankers, farm advisors and educators.

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August 2020

A system approach to problem solving

A system thinking approach takes the relationship between a problem and its cause. A valuable tool in making our farming more resilient and profitable. Are we too narrow minded, linear in our approach? Don gives his thoughts on a positive change in mindset.

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March 2020

Clean water, zero carbon emissions?

In this months Guardian Farming, we take a look at the issues of relying on synthetic, soluble fertilisers and why we need to improve our efforts to work with soil biology, not against it.

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February 2020

Farming’s solution to global warming

Understanding our role as farmers in mitigating climate change and improving the storage of stable soil carbon. How do we do this? Don provides his FIVE top tips for improving soil health with regenerative farming.

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June 2019

The farmer’s job

We explain how Top Soils can help provide a complete systems approach to Biological farming in June’s edition of Guardian Farming. Don Hart explains how he is improving carbon storage, crop yields and animal health at Springfield Estate.

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July 2018

Regenerative agriculture

“Regenerative agriculture is not only about regenerating soils but regenerating the thought process and models around what we are doing in agriculture”. Find us in July’s issue of Guardian Farming.

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June 2018

Soil health

Assessing the benefits of achieving good soil health. Are your soils compacted, drought prone and chemical reliant? Find out more in this month’s Guardian Farming.

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July 2017

High performance agriculture

How to achieve high performance agriculture? – the answer starts in the soil. Don Hart explains how changing your farming practices and mindset can really start to improve soil biology and allow the crops to express their full yield potential.

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July 2016

Better results with biological farming systems

Introducing diversity helps to drive soil health! By providing a balanced soil with nutrition from sustainable fertilisers, farmers can establish various cover crop ‘cocktails’ to help improve the yield and quality of their crops. Read more in July’s edition of Guardian Farming.

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June 2015

Neal Kinsey

Neal Kinsey returns to Ashburton (8th – 10th July, 2015) to give his Introductory Soil Fertility Course.

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December 2015

Biological farming – the field trials!

In December’s issue of Guardian Farming, Mary Ralston gives a brief update of the soil fertility field demonstration near Methven. Conventional, synthetic fertiliser practices next to our Albrecht-Kinsey method of biological farming. Take a look at the difference in clover populations…

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June 2011

Humate and humic substances – Pathway to sustainability

Don Hart explains how humification works and the benefits of humic substances within our soils. How does nitrogen burn up soil humus? Can we mix humates with nitrogen to improve its utilisation? What about phosphorus and calcium? Read more in June’s edition of the Guardian Farming.

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August 2010

What is Biological Farming?

Read Don Hart’s summary of the principles of biological farming and how we can benefit from storing more soil carbon in August’s issue of Guardian Farming.

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