Cations (+ve)

(36% Calcium)

This lime is ground very finely and therefore has a quicker release pattern, ensuring faster results. Our lime suppliers vary and we keep up to date with analysis of Calcium.

Dolomite (24% Ca & 11% Mg)

A premium Magnesium fertiliser that not only builds Magnesium levels quickly BUT maintains soil pH levels. Due to being Calcium carbonate and Magnesium it releases in the same pattern as Lime. However, the fineness of grind often results in a 2 year release pattern instead of 3, as in Lime. The most cost efficient way to build soil Magnesium where Calcium levels are not elevated. Bio Gro Certified.

Magnesium Sulphate – Keiserite (16% Mg & 16% S)

Soluble Magnesium to provide Magnesium for this seasons crop. This prilled form provides a weathering release pattern to allow sustained uptake. Also provides adequate Sulphur, essential for protein synthesis and nitrogen use efficiency.

Phosta K

(30% K, 9% S, 8% Ca & 2.4% Mg)

A preferred Potassium source. Plant based material from the sugar cane processing industry. It is kind on biology and highly plant available with less energy required for utilisation. Phosta K also has small amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and traces such as Fe, Na, Mn, Zn, and Cu. Bio Gro Certified.

Potassium Sulphate

(50% K, 17.% S)

Softer on soil biology than KCL, Potassium sulphate produces highly palatable growth and provides valuable soluble sulphur when required.