Anions (-ve)

(11.5% P & 36% Ca)

Soft rock manure based Phosphorous product that is 40% citric soluble (plant available). Guano is stable in the soil and less subject to losses from leaching and tie up with other nutrients. An excellent product for building soil Phosphorous levels and supplying plant available P across the entire growing season. Some levels of trace elements. Bio Gro Certified.

TS Phos – RPR

(12.7% P, 32% Ca & 1% S)

FINE PARTICLE GRANULATED RPR, one of the most cost effective forms of Phosphorus we provide. Non water-soluble reactive phosphate rock provides a slow release of P over the whole growing season, leading to less run-off and eutrophication. A non acidifying form of P that has 50% of the liming affect of Ag Lime. More than 38% citric soluble. Bio Gro Certified.

DAP (18% N & 20% P)

Soluble N and P. Excellent to use as a started for crops in soils with low Phosphate levels. Soluble N & P stimulate root development and establishment.

Sulphate of Ammonia (SOA)

23% N & 23% S

A more stable form of Nitrogen in the soil as Nitrogen is already in the Ammonia form. Less losses from volatilisation and leaching also supplies sulphate sulphur for plant protein synthesis and growth.

UREA (46% N)

To provide quick soluble Nitrogen when soil temperature and moisture allows. Subject to volatilisation on dry, alkaline soils. We regularly mix with Humates to help stabilise this nitrogen source.

Elemental Sulphur (90% S)

Elemental Sulphur blended with Bentonite to form easily spread prills that will weather to release Sulphur at a sustained rate.