Top Soils provides a complete biological agriculture consulting business

Providing farmers with the knowledge, information and materials to rejuvenate soils and build soil fertility. We have a complete biological systems approach to soil and plant nutrition, addressing the underlying issues of nutrient and mineral deficiency.

Through comprehensive soil testing and balancing programs using the Kinsey Albrecht System of soil fertility, we identify your soils most limiting factors and address these using prescription blending fertilisers. Our products are sourced for their high analysis and premium soil building and plant feeding characteristics.

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Biological Agriculture

  • Improving soil structure and nutrient availability.
  • Raising organic matter, increasing humus content and carbon sequestration.
  • Increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil and stop nitrate and phosphorous leaching into ground water.
  • Requires less water than intensive conventional fertiliser practices.
  • Restores the structure, mineral and microbial balance of the soil.
  • Reduces the dependence on high analysis fertilisers, agriculture chemicals, drenches and trace elements through stock water.
  • Improves plant and animal health, less insects and diseases and nutritional problems.
  • Creates an environment in the soil for crop or pasture productions not weeds.
  • Improves the nutritional value of food for animals and humans.
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The Albrecht System of Soils Fertility

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The “Albrecht System of Soil Fertility” refers to the principals used to develop the system of testing which Dr. William A.Albrecht worked to perfect in his decades of tireless work with the soil. He regarded the validity of true soil fertility as a repeatable process and approach such work with measurable scientific principles, which could be applied and proven right out in the field. It is, as outlined by the principles given below, a foundational approach for achieving excellent soil fertility.

A high performing soil will be composed of 45% minerals, 5% humus and 50% pore space. Ideally, 25% of which is water and 25% is air occupying this pore space. In addition that same pore space (containing the right amount of air and water) serves as the proper environment for all types of beneficial living organisms necessary to help provide the needs of growing plants in that soil. So, essentially, the Albrecht soil fertility system utilizes soil chemistry to affect soil physics, which determines the environment for the biology of the soil

The soil audit, using a specifically developed set of soil testing procedures adapted by Dr. Albrecht to determine and correct the soil’s mineral content, provides the means to measure and supply the needed chemistry for each particular soul. It is the chemical make-up of each soul that determines its physical structure. When a soul has the correct chemistry, only then is sit possible to achieve or maintain the correct physical structure. When the chemistry and physicals are right so long as the principles for avoiding soil compaction are observed, the environment for the biology will also be right. The more the chemistry, physics and biology are correctly influenced, the better the yield and quality from crops that would normally be expected to grow there. That is why so much emphasis is placed on achieving exact level for each nutrient, based on the specific requirements of every different soil.

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